Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Gniewkowie


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Szkola Podstawowa Nr 1 im. Wojska Polskiego in Gniewkowo is located in Kuyavian – Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is an industrial – rural area. We teach about 650 students from different environments and with diversed social status. SP 1, having in mind only welfare of students and local society, is in constant search of new, innovative solutions. Various extra activities are being organized for our pupils. They encourage comprehensive growth of children, securing the possibility to develop interests and skills. Moreover, they also level the educational chances for children with difficult social situation and special needs. A wide range of educational offers for pupils allow them to be better prepared for participation in social life, as well as in introducing their life plans as a members of European community. School’s work depends on mutual actions of teachers who use modern aids and teaching methods. Furthermore, they enhance their work through various courses both inside and outside of the school. Our teachers introduce innovative methods and forms of teaching, they use multimedia teaching aids which increase their professional skills and capabilities. SP 1 is an example of an open-minded approach to various projects, we cooperate with local organizations, as well as institutions from the European Union. Through such actions, our school creates for pupils possibility to grow comprehensively, learns how to reach a decision and cope with other cultures. Additionally, it prepares our students for being active and cherish the concept of lifelong learning.

The school is heavily rooted in local environment. It organizes and participates in various social events in aid of local community and region. SP 1 cooperates with parents and involves them in school’s activities. Moreover, the school cooperates with local institutions and cultivates the unique tradition of the region. It establishes collaboration with national institutions such as Polish Army, Forestry Management or Fire Department to name a few.

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